Phase 3

During Phase 3, we’ll be continuing “Touchless Services” on Sunday mornings only. In accordance with our Governor’s directives, we’ll be reducing our seating capacity to allow for social distancing of at least six feet between families. To make sure everyone has a chance to be in church during Phase 3, we’ll have two services on Sunday morning: 9:15AM and 11:00AM. We ask everyone to wear a mask while not seated in the Worship Center. Masks may be taken off at your seat.

Please register for the service you and your family will be attending. There is a maximum capacity for each event, and all registrations are first come first serve. YOU MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND.


We know that several members of our congregation have underlying health issues, and we’re aware that seniors are being advised to be extremely cautious about public events. PORVA members that fall into these groups (along with others that don’t yet feel comfortable venturing out into the public) are welcome to continue enjoying church online! 

For those that have been heading out to Walmart, Home Depot or other places… we want you to know that we’ve done our best to create an environment that’s at least as safe (probably more safe) than what you’d find at our local stores. We're asking any households having family members that have experienced fever, coughing, or shortness of breath within the last 2 weeks to stay home and attend service online.

Phase 3 ATTENDEE Guidelines

We’re excited to have you back at church. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure you have an awesome, uplifting and safe experience with us on Sundays during Phase 3 of our reopening:

  • Due to a directive by Governor Northam, attendees will be required to wear a mask while entering, exiting and anytime you leave your seat while on the PORVA Campus. While we're happy to supply masks to those who don't own one, we only have a limited number available. We encourage you to bring one with you if possible.Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the campus.
  • We will sanitize the sanctuary and entry areas between each service.
  • All of our volunteer staff will be wearing masks. We encourage you to do the same as you enter and exit the worship center.
  • All volunteer staff members will observe the recommended six feet of social distancing during all interactions, and we encourage you to do the same.
  • All doors will be propped open so you don’t have to touch any handles.  
  • In accordance with our Governor’s directive, we will reduce our seating capacity. We will only open seating on every other row, and we’ll leave 3 empty seats between each family. This will ensure that each family is at least six feet apart.
  • During Phase 3, we ask that no physical contact be made with anyone outside of immediate family members at any point during the service. This includes handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, elbow bumps, laying on of hands for prayer, etc.
  • If you’d like to socialize before or after service, the parking lot is a great alternative to the foyer. During Phase 3, the foyer will be kept clear and only used to enter and exit the sanctuary. We ask you to maintain social distancing of six feet and refrain from physical contact during all interactions with people outside of your immediate family members, even in the parking lot.
  • During Phase 3, the following ministries will not be in operation: Planet Kidz & PORVA Nursery.
  • We're asking any households having family members that have experienced fever, coughing, or shortness of breath within the last 2 weeks to stay home and attend service online.