Beacon of Hope: A Support Group for the Families of Drug/Alcohol Addicts


Juan and Wilda Rodriguez

Our Mission Statement:

Beacon of Hope will offer faith based support to family members of adult children dealing with drug or alcohol addiction.  Those that attend meetings can expect to receive a great mix of encouragement, education and resources that better equip them to deal with the addicted family member’s decisions and destructive behavior.

Our Goal:

Beacon of Hope exists to help the family members develop a plan of action that will bring about change, hope, healing and freedom in their own lives.  We will learn, share and encourage one another.

Who Should Attend:

Those experiencing the following emotions/circumstances due to dealing with a family member’s addiction will find Beacon of Hope meetings to be helpful:

  • Pain
  • Shame
  • Guilt

  • Anger

  • Frustration

  • Feeling Alone

  • Hopelessness
  • Denial
  • Sadness
  • Discouragement

  • Fear of the Future

  • Financial Difficulties Due To Enabling or Being Manipulated By A Drug Addicted Family Member

Our Story:

Juan and Wilda: We believe in the necessity of support and encouragement in this process because we’ve personally experienced the challenges of dealing with a drug addicted family member.

At times during our journey, we felt:

  • Lost

  • Afraid

  • As if no one else could relate to our pain

  • And unsure of where to go to find help or direction

The Importance of Support:

We found it very helpful to be a part of a group of people that could identify with our struggle.  With God’s help and the encouragement of others, we found the strength to continue fighting and keep our faith in spite of the many ups and downs associated with watching someone we love suffer from an addiction.

The Importance of Education:

Education helps us to realize that we can only change ourselves, we can’t change our loved ones.

Learning more about addiction and how to respond to it will help us to:

  • Set healthy boundaries.

  • Stop enabling.

  • Practice tough love.

  • Admit and deal with our own challenges.

The Importance of Resources:

When we finally become aware that a family member is suffering from an addiction, we often have many questions and few answers.

We don’t know:

  • Where to start?

  • What’s the next step?

  • Where to find help for our loved one in the form of Christian counseling, secular counseling (if they refuse spiritual help), detox programs, etc.?

For these reasons (and many more), Beacon of Hope will provide information/resources that families can use as a starting point to seek the specific type of specialized care they and their loved one need.

2017 Meeting Dates:

Beacon of Hope will meet at The Pentecostals of Richmond at 7PM each Wednesday evenings during the date ranges listed below:

September 6th - November 15th

Beacon of Hope is open to anyone in the community.  If this group speaks to a need in your life, we hope you’ll allow us to be a part of your healing journey by attending our meetings.

Click Here to confidentially sign up for this support group. 

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