Our mission



Loving God

Creating Community

Growing in Truth

Serving Our World


OUR Vision

Loving God. 

Building a relationship with God is our first priority at The Pentecostals, and our worship services are the perfect place to start doing just that. As a culturally diverse congregation, we come together weekly to express our love for God in a Spirit filled, contemporary worship environment. Whether we are just starting our Christian journey or we are seasoned in our relationship with Jesus Christ, we seek to express our faith and devotion along with other believers.  

Action Point:  Expressing our love for God at weekly worship services.

Creating Community.

Our Home Groups are prime opportunities for us to develop meaningful friendships within our church family as we grow in faith through the study of God’s Word. These home groups provide comfortable and safe settings for us to build authentic relationships with people who have the same goal - to better know and serve Jesus Christ.  As we learn and share in interactive Bible studies, we are encouraged to live out the truths that we discover.  

Action Point: Connect with others in a Home Group.

Growing In Truth.

We understand that becoming a better Christian requires a mix of education and action. We believe that God has a specific purpose for each individual to discover and respond to. It’s our goal to empower, equip, and encourage believers as they take the next step in their journey towards becoming more like Jesus.  

Action Point: Continue our growth and spiritual development through education.

Serving Our World.

As we take our devotion to God a step farther, we demonstrate our love by serving others. We understand that our families, neighborhoods, and workplaces are our 24/7 mission field. It’s our goal to share the gospel by supporting missionaries and planting churches at home and abroad. As we continue to serve the Richmond community, we are also committed to using our talents and gifts to help our world reach heaven. 

Action Point: Discover our God-given gifts and use them to serve others.