senior pastor

Joe & Jo Forbush

In 1988, they brought their family to Richmond to begin making their God-given dreams a reality. They came to this city with a tremendous desire and a deep passion to help those in need and to lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Forbush has the true heart of a shepherd. His inspiring messages are heart-felt and sincere. He is often known for his fun sense of humor, approachable personality and unique ability to show individual compassion. Under their ministry, countless lives have been eternally affected. With his anointed preaching and vision and her down to earth teaching and incredible organization skills, Pastor Forbush and his dynamic wife make a powerful team.

Associate Pastor

Jason & Tiffany Forbush

Pastor Jason's passion for the people of this great city started at a early age.  He has served in many different capacities in his 20+ years of full-time ministry, including our Student Pastor and our Administrative Pastor. He and his wife, Tiffany, are an incredible team that unselfishly give to our church family. They are committed to impacting our community and reaching our world for Jesus Christ.