Friend Appreciation day

We just wanna say THANKS!

Sunday, October 13

It's likely that you're reading this because you've been invited by someone who thinks you're pretty amazing and wants to honor you on Friend Appreciation Day.  

What should you expect?? 

  • As our guest...from the moment you drive onto our campus, we hope you feel special!  For your convenience, the VIP golf cart will be in the parking lot to pick you up and take you to the designated building.  If you have toddlers, kids or youth, we'll make sure they know where to go as well for their fun day.
  • When you arrive in the Worship Center, you will be welcomed by friendly staff members who will take your name and connect you to the person who invited you.  The service will begin at 10AM with a lively, heartfelt worship experience that will be followed by an inspiring message from our Senior Pastor, Joe Forbush.
  • Then, we will have a special program in which you will join many others to receive spotlighted recognition, an award certificate and a gift. (No worries - you won't be asked to say anything!) 
  • After the service, you're invited to grab lunch with us from one of the food trucks on campus!

This day is all about YOU!  We hope you'll leave with a smile and feeling really special.

So that's what Friend Appreciation Day is all about.  We hope you'll join us!

(If you're a PORVA member, please register your guest to honor HERE by Wednesday, October 9.)