Online Home Groups

More people than ever before have been joining our online small groups each week to participate in powerful, interactive Bible studies with other believers. If you're like most of us, your opportunities for fellowship are pretty slim these days. These lesson are geared to give you chances to share your feelings, insights and experiences as we study Scripture together. You don't have to live in our area or be a PORVA member to join us! These groups are open to anyone and everyone. 

If you'd like to join an online small group (most of us meet virtually on Wednesday nights @7PM), you can CLICK HERE and we'll get you connected!

Our current series is Better than Before, A Look into the Life of Job. 

Job was a man of faith, but his dedication to God didn't earn him a free pass when it came to trouble and trials. During this series, we'll study his story and see that even when life is at its lowest, God is still in control. If we keep our faith in Him, we'll come out of our storms better and wiser people than we went in.