Online Home Groups

From September 1 - November 18, we will continue to meet online for the Fall Semester of Home Groups.


Be sure to check out the different special interest topics many of our groups have to offer. For the first 10 - 15 minutes of each meeting, you can expect some fun activities and interesting discussion centered around the group topic. You’ll also get together a couple of times during the semester outside of normal group meetings for some exciting events related to the group topic.

During the Fall Semester, we'll be studying the lives of some of the Bible’s most consequential kings in our new Home Group series Living Like a King. Watch the video below for a preview.

Home Groups FAQ's

I was in a Home Group before.  Do I still need to register?

  • Yes!  We “emptied out” all of our Home Groups.  Until you register, you’re not officially assigned to any Home Group.

Do I need to register each member of my family?  

  • Please register each adult member of the family.  

I have kids.  Which Home Groups are “kid friendly?”

  • On the registration page, click “Group Attributes” and select the check box for “Kid Friendly.”  You can bring the kiddos to any group that you now see displayed there.  

Is there a way to find out more about each of these leaders and what makes their group unique?

  • Absolutely!  On the registration page, click the names of the leaders you’d like to know more about and read the comments listed under the “About” section.

What about my teen’s Home Group?  Do they need to register?

  • No. Our teen group will remain the same.  They'll meet on the online at 7PM on Thursdays.