Home Group Curriculum: Semester 1.1

(February 5 - march 25)

  • Length: 7 Lessons

    #Passion #Purpose #Commitment

    Series Description: Reclaiming our passion and purpose. Life has a way of lulling us into a spiritual sleep. But if we allow ourselves to kick back and check out on our relationship with God, it won’t be long before we’re distracted, dazed… and even disconnected from the things that used to be our first priority. During this series, we’ll look at several places in the Bible where God called people back to a place of dedication, enthusiasm and action. We’ll see that these passages are a call for us as well - a call to experience revival and recommitment.

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  • Length: 8 Lessons (VIDEO TEACHING)

    #LifeLessons #StoriesfromJesus #Wisdom

    Series Description: The parables that Jesus told were full of characters and situations that everyone could identify with. But there was always more to the story than what was on the surface. Only a select few were given the hidden meaning behind the public message. During this series, we’ll find out just exactly what Jesus had in mind when He told some of his most famous parables. 

    Lesson/Video 1 should be included during your Launch Party.

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    #SpiritualHealth #SelfEvaluation #Reflection

    Series Description: Our doctors aren’t shy about letting us know the importance of a healthy heart. A heart condition that’s not diagnosed and dealt with can cause serious problems. The same is true of our spiritual hearts… the innermost part of each one of us. During this series, we’re going to take a good, long look at our hearts under the light of God’s truth. We’re going to get some powerful insights that will help us identify and overcome some of the most common spiritual “heart conditions” we all face.

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  • Length: 7 Lessons

    #BibleStudy #Theology #DivineNature

    Series Description: Seven keys to unlocking faith for your future. The better our understanding of God is, the better our relationship with Him is going to be. During this series, we’ll be studying some key attributes in His unchanging nature that give us a clearer picture of what He’s like and how He works in our lives.

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  • Length: 7 Lessons

    #Trust #Loss #Hope

    Series Description: A look into the life of Job... Job was a man of faith, but his dedication to God didn’t earn him a free pass when it came to trouble and trials. During this series, we’ll study his story and see that even when life is at its lowest, God is still in control. If we keep our faith in Him, we’ll come out of our storms better and wiser people than we went in.

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  • Length: 10 Lessons (VIDEO TEACHING)

    #Disciples #BibleHistory #Serving #Transformation

    Series Description: During this series, we’ll get up close and personal with each of the 12 men that Jesus appointed to be apostles. We’ll walk in their shoes, and see life and ministry from their 1st century perspective. Rather than spiritual superheroes, what we’ll find is that these men were about average in terms of their abilities and their flaws. God hand picked them, faults and all, and use them to change the world. He can and does want to do the same with us. 

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Group Curriculum: Semester 1.2

You will need a total of 4 lessons for Semester 1.2.

There are a total of 5 meetings in Semester 1.2 (May). We suggest holding a social on Week 3.  

You may also choose any series from Semester 1.1 as there are more than enough lessons in each of them to cover the content needs of Semester 1.2. You will need to choose which lessons to omit. The following series are 4 lessons or more and could be chosen for semester 1.1 as well:

  • Length: 4 Lessons

    #Resilience #ChoosingJoy #RelentlessFaith

    Series Description: The Apostle Paul told the church in Philippi to, “Always be full of joy…” (Philippians 4:4, NLT) For many of us, the concept of unending, invincible joy seems a little out of reach. But Paul did more than talk about the idea. He proved it was possible… even during difficult seasons. He wrote a letter about joy from a jail cell. We call it the Book of Philippians. As we study this incredible letter, we’ll discover that true and lasting joy doesn’t come from external circumstances. It comes from our relationship with Jesus.

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  • Length: 4 Lessons

    #Habits #Discipline #Decisions

    Series Description: Every day, all day, we make one small decision after another. Those small choices add up overtime and end up making a big difference in our lives. It’s the decisions that we make today that determine the stories we tell tomorrow. Great choices can help us to avoid the negative, but they also ignite the positive by leading us into God’s plan for our lives. During this series, we’ll learn more about how to make divinely inspired decisions that can change our direction in several key areas.

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  • Length: 4 Lesson

    #TimeManagement #Simplifying #Organization

    Series Description: Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and overscheduled has become the norm rather than the exception in our society. While we keep adding to already overloaded schedules, many of us have the sense that we’re losing some valuable things in the process. The urgent is crowding out the important. And while we know it, many times we feel powerless to stop it. During this series, we’re going to identify and eliminate the things that drain our spirits and distract us from God’s plan for our lives.

    View Lesson 1