Home Group registration is open! 

Instead of one series that all of our Home Groups will study together, our leaders have chosen different lesson series.  You’ve got options! We invite you to choose a group that’s going through a lesson series that best fits the season you’re in right now.

To see which lesson series each leader will be participating in, go to the registration page and select their names. 

Remember, all groups have a limited capacity.  Register as soon as possible to make sure you reserve a space in your group of choice.

CLICK HERE to go to our register for a Home Group!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Home Group?

  • During the months of February and March, we meet in homes all across the Richmond area during the week for some great food, some awesome fellowship and an interactive bible study.  When you attend a Home Group, you not only get to hear teaching… we welcome your response to it.  You get to share your experiences and insights with the group.

I was in a Home Group before.  Do I still need to register?

  • Yes!  We “emptied out” all of our Home Groups at the start of 2020.  Until you register, you’re not officially assigned to any Home Group.

Do I need to register each member of my family? 

  • Please register each adult member of the family.  
  • If you have children that will be attending with you, please inform your Home Group leader after registering. 

I have kids.  Which Home Groups are “kid friendly”?

  • On the registration page, click “Group Attributes” and check the box next to “Kid Friendly.”  You can bring the kiddos to any group that you now see displayed.  

Is there a way to find out more about each of these leaders and what makes their group unique?

  • Absolutely!  On the registration page, click the names of the leaders you’d like to know more about and read the comments listed under the “About” section.

I signed up, but I’ve got some questions.  Should I get in touch with my leader?

  • They will get in touch with you!  Your leader will contact you via email or phone by Friday to welcome you to the group.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

What about my teen... do they need to register for their Home Group?

  • No. Our Axis teen group will remain the same.  We’ll meet on the PORVA campus at 7PM on Wednesdays.