Planet Kidz Contest

Hey Parents! Wondering what to do with the kiddos in the coming month before the craziness of the school year begins? Does your child like to have fun? Do you want your children to learn more about God and the Bible? We have just the thing for you! 

Kidz Launch is a 10 day contest that motivates your child to form habits of Bible reading and discussion with families. There will be prizes for the top three winners of the contest.

This contest is awarded on a points based tally. So even if you're unable to complete everything, you still have a chance to win something by keeping at it over the two-weeks.

Here's how it works, between August 9th through August 21st your child will have the opportunity to watch Sunday School lessons, do crafts, learn memory verses and answer questions- all online! At the end of each day you and your child will complete a survey to log what you were able to complete for the day with each task worth points towards your total score. The contest is about a 15 minute commitment per day. Think you're up for it!?

At the end of the two weeks, prizes will be awarded for top three point earners. With the top of $150, second place $100 and third place $50. 

Winner's will be announced on Sunday, August 23rd during the 11am service.

Scroll Down to view Week 2 contest tasks!

Week 2

Week 1

Day 1 Officially Begins August 10th!