Summer is here!

Continuing through the end of August, we’ll be meeting on campus on Wednesday nights @7pm for our Summer Electives.

With 7 options to choose from, you can select a class that best fits the season of life you’re currently in. You've even got options when it comes to how many electives you'd like to take this summer!

Axis students ages 12-14 will be able to register for Through the Bible: Origins. Students ages 15-18 have the option of registering for any class that best fits their season of life.

Childcare will be available for ages 1-11.
Class sizes are limited, so reserve your spot soon here: signups

8 Week Classes (Choose 1)

Through the Bible: Origins
Pastor Jason (8 weeks)
An in depth study of the Pentateuch - first five books of the Bible.  We’ll explore the fascinating biblical characters & customs found in the Pentateuch, as well as the core theology and overarching themes that flow throughout these incredible books.

This class is available for all ages, 12 and up.
Financial Peace University 
Chris & Amy Mina (8 weeks)
Using proven methods and materials from finance expert Dave Ramsey, we’ll learn how to get rid of debt, manage our money more wisely, spend less and save more.

A course fee is required to participate in FPU. CLICK HERE for pricing details.

or... 4 Week Classes (Choose 2)

9 Numbers: Exploring Self-Awareness and Personality
Andy & Jessica Tarantino (4 weeks)
Ever heard the old phrase, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you?”  We would politely disagree.  What we don’t know about ourselves can absolutely stop us from being at our best.  Self-awareness (the ability to see ourselves clearly) is incredibly important!  It helps us build on our God-given strengths, while also making us aware of areas in need of improvement.  During 9 Numbers, we’ll explore nine different (and ridiculously accurate) personality types to find the one that best describes us.  If you want to better understand yourself and those around you, join us as we take a deep dive into the interesting, complex (and sometimes hilarious) world of human personality!
Anchored: Secured in Self-Worth
Tamara Hinote (4 weeks)
It is easy to recognize low self worth in ourselves, others and our kids, but what do we do about it? How do you go from low self-worth to positive self-worth?  Anchored is a Bible study presenting a step-by-step process outlining the journey from low self-worth to knowing our full worth in Christ.
The Balancing Act: Men's Class
Troy Hinote (4 weeks)
Men, do you ever feel like your life is out of balance?  If so, you’re not alone!  During this 4-week course, we’ll talk about some practical steps we can take to achieve (and maintain) balance in 6 key areas: faith, family, friends, finances, fun and fitness.  We’ll explore some of the underlying reasons we sometimes struggle with balance and talk about how to get back on track when one or more of these elements isn’t where we want it to be.
At Our Best: Four Principles for a Better Marriage
David & Rachel Rouch (4 weeks)
You and your spouse are unique. There has never been another “us” just like the two of you (how romantic). No matter where you currently find your marriage, there are ways to experience more of what God has planned for you and your spouse. Whether you’re loving your relationship, experiencing a rough patch, or somewhere in between, there are habits inspired from the Bible that all of us can implement. When we trust God and follow His instructions for our marriages, we start creating habits that connect us as a couple. Over four weeks, we will learn four, doable, easy-to-understand, biblical marriage principles that will help keep us “at our best.” 
Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets
Dan Primeau (4 weeks)
The decisions we make today become the stories we tell tomorrow.  Every day, we make one small choice after another. And those choices just keep accumulating, forming the tapestry that is our life story.  During Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets, we’ll talk about how to make deliberate, godly decisions that lead us through a life full of joy and purpose.  We don’t have to live by chance - we can live on purpose, on course, and part of the larger story God is weaving on the earth.  As we apply the simple, practical decision making strategies this course covers, we’ll see that little steps can make a big difference in our lives.

Class Locations will be available on Monday, July 4th.