Due to the possibility of inclement weather we will be having one 11am service on 2/7/21. All registrations will be valid for the service. See you in-person or online!

Small Groups are here for the fall!

What we are discussing this semester

If you research the most influential people in history, you might be surprised to find that even Time magazine lists Jesus as number one. Although there are those that don’t believe in Jesus as the Savior we all need, no one can deny the profound impact He has had throughout history- and still has!

We know this is true because He was more than just a good man, He was God in flesh. What was it though, that initially drew people to accept His invitation, to allow Him to speak into their lives, or to invite Him to their homes?

Jesus was the most powerful individual on earth, but instead of flaunting His power, He extended kindness and friendship on a personal level. He never failed to see the individual, or to speak specifically into the lives of those He encountered.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take time to discuss some specific instances in which Jesus affected many by ministering to, One at a Time.