Bro Rod, Bro Fitz, Bro Troy & Bro David:

In our meeting some time back we discussed the need for our young Africian American men to be taught and mentored from a Christian perspective giving them affirmation and the tools to deal with the many challenges that they are facing and will face in the future.

I've asked Bro Rod to be the Coordinator and I would like for all four of you to be a part of this important ministry.

I would also like for you to develop the curriculum and as well as teach these classes. I did some research online and saw several resources available.  I am fine with you teaching them practical applications as well as Christian principles of daily living and helping develop a support they need through this phase of life.

I would like to meet with the four of you immediately following the service tonight. Please confirm you will be able to attend this meeting, by responding to this text.

Pastor Forbush